Fun Games

Anyone can put games in a game room. It’s how we treat our customers, how we welcome them and provide them with a total entertainment experience. That’s what sets us apart.

-Clarence Mabe, Founder & CEO of AEG

Amusement Entertainment Group (AEG) traces its roots back to a humble beginning in Cherokee, North Carolina.

In 1985 Founder and CEO Clarence Mabe mortgaged his home so that he could buy his very first carnival style Skee ball machine. Mabe built his street route from there; adding other games and finding homes for them in restaurants and grocery stores – eventually becoming one of the first operators of crane machines in the United States. In the 1990’s Mabe invented several games himself including Toss ‘Em, a kiddy version of Skee ball with the rolling ramp removed for easier play.

Over 25 years ago Mabe opened his first arcade in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and AEG has since gone on to open five more – all of which share the same mission: “create fun experiences and loyalty” that lead to “Wow!” when the customer enters and “I’ll be back” when they leave.

From sight to smell, décor to design, AEG strives to create a total experience like no other in the industry. At an AEG arcade everything is stepped up.

At AEG, we don’t over-complicate things. It’s not rocket science. When you visit an AEG arcade we want to take you out of your world for a little while and bring you into ours. The reason people go to an arcade is to have fun and for that we are the real deal.

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